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E Series


Coils are fabricated with corrugated aluminum fins with staggered copper tubes for optimum heat transfer.

They are pressure tested and  dehydrated prior to shipment.



EC axial motors offer low HP direct drive fan motors (no belts, no bearings),  small installation depth, low noise level and exceptional efficiency with continuously variable speed control




Custom fan selection

Each fan selection is tuned for optimum air handling and sound performance


Low HP Multi Fan Round Tube Solutions

Typical Applications


Standby Power

Low Noise Capability

Low Parasitic Motors

Galvanized Frame Standard


Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinets and frames are standard on all radiators.



Built in temperature monitoring with Honeywell system controller, self starting EC motors with variable RPM to deliver maximum efficiency, CSA UL certified.



Option for Protective Coatings such as AquaAero for use in corrosive environments.


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