R Series

Remote Design

Horizontal or Vertical Airflow, Belt or Direct Driven Fans, Remote Charge Air Applications to 1150 HP, Two Circuit Front  to Back or Side By Side


Fan On Radiator – EB Series

Idler Bearing and Shaft, Fan Stub Shaft, Two Circuit Front to Back or Side By Side



Fan On Engine – E Series

Combined CAC Front to Back, Under Over, Side by Side, Two Circuit Front to Back or Side By Side


Conventional Core Designs

Typical Applications


Standby Power

No Noise Requirements 

Rail Mounted with Engine Driven Fan

Hi Efficiency Flat Oval Tube Core, Plate Fin, Louvered, Dimpled or flat


NEMA TEFC  motors are standard, IP55, Min. 1.15 SF, 60Hz or 50Hz Service, Heaters Available


Custom airfoil or aluminum fan blade designs.

Each fan is tuned for optimum sound performance


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