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Syracuse University Enclosure Roof Mounted Radiator


Syracuse University needed a quiet 1MW emergency back-up generator to power its Comstock Hall building.  Another important factor was that this unit needed to be in a pit at the side of the building. In the end, the University decided that a Caterpillar G3516 1MW natural gas generator set packaged by Prichard Brown and supplied by Milton Cat was the way to go.


To ensure that this package was quiet and could be supported on the top of the enclosure Sutton Stromart designed a narrow radiator sized perfectly to fit its roof. Its galvanized steel frame enclosed a round individual fin-tube core, to provide a long and trouble-free service life. To ensure that it was quiet, twelve 30" fans were chosen and were driven by direct drive 1HP motors. This design combination allowed the Sutton Stromart radiator to achieve a maximum sound pressure level of 77dBA at 1 meter. In addition, fan motors were wired to a frame mounted motor temp control panel to stage motors on and off to further reduce fan noise when the generator set is operating at less than full load and/or lower than the maximum design ambient temperature.

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