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Fort Knox​

In 2013, the Fort Knox military base near Louisville, Kentucky decided to add on-site electrical power generation to the site.  Two types of power were added – “peak shaving” and “combined heat and power”. 


To meet this need, Fort Knox decided on two Cat G320C’s at 2MW each for the peak shaving portion, four Jenbacher J616’s @ 4MW each and one Jenbacher J420 @ 1.5MW for the heat recovery duty.  All seven engines are being cooled by Sutton Stromart quiet horizontal remote radiators.  Our radiators were designed to cool the engines at 110F ambient with a maximum radiator noise level of 75 dBA @ 7 meters.  In addition, all seven radiators were supplied with frame mounted combination motor starter and temp control panels to stage motors on and off based on engine load and ambient. This allows each generator set to optimize its power output and minimize parasitic losses.  Radiator cores are constructed with our heavy duty round individual fin-tube cores suitable for the stresses imposed on radiator tubes and tube to header joints commonly found in peak shaving and CHP type applications.  Direct drive fan motors eliminate belts and bearings so the Fort Knox site can expect many years of trouble-free service life from their Sutton Stromart engine cooling systems.

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