Sutton Stromart Limited is a complete radiator manufacturing company with Headquarters and North American manufacturing located near Toronto, Canada. For over 40 years we have manufactured high-quality radiators and cooling systems for various applications including power generation, pumps, oil field equipment, steam condensers and process cooling. We specialize in custom-designed cooling solutions that are optimized for each application. Our installations range from the severe Russian and Canadian Arctic to demanding equatorial island and high ambient desert conditions. Completed projects commonly have provided a service life in excess of 25 years. As a custom design manufacturer, customer requested modifications can be easily accommodated.

With a US sales office located in Racine, Wisconsin and a manufacturing partnership in Amman, Jordan, we pride ourselves on our reputation of providing high-quality products with excellent service and on-time deliveries throughout the world.


Remote prime power heat exchanger radiator
Engineering Services

Our team of engineers hold many decades of radiator and heat transfer experience from around the globe. There is no project too big, or challenging, when it comes to cooling reciprocating engines used in power generation.

custom heat exchange radiator

Sutton Stromart can today produce air cooled heat exchanges for stationary engines from it project-based manufacturing site near Toronto, Canada. While it can also produce standard OEM and replacement radiators for on and off-highway vehicles from our affiliated facility in Aman, Jordan.

Radiator sevice rust inspection

Ring Radiator (www.ringrad.com), our sister radiator repair business can be mobilized to come to you to perform critical radiator service work to minimize downtime. 



At Sutton Stromart our philosophy is to develop designs and solutions for our customers that both meet their needs today and protect them from problems that they could face in the future. We look to be a value-added partner to our client in the supply of thermal management systems for their stationary engines.


No corners are cut, and only premium grade materials and components go into a Sutton Stromart air-cooled heat exchanger. We will follow best practices in the construction of our products, unusual concerns that arise in the field are investigated and corrective actions are put into place and incorporated into best practices going forward.



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To apply for a job with Sutton Stromart, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: hr@suttonstromart.com

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